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  • 7 Ingredients Of An Effective Cause And Effect Essay

    What is a cause-and-effect essay?

    A cause and effect essay is a piece of writing that first states a cause and then describes its effects. Cause and effect essay may involve complicated issues like growing rate of oil prices may lead to economic imbalance in a family in USA. On the other hand, it can also include lighter topics like ‘love for friend foods will produce obesity’.

    7 ingredients of an effective cause-and-effect essay

    1. An appealing topic

      If you are already given the topic of your article, then half of the job is already done. But if you have to choose it on your own, then zeroing upon an arresting topic is the most significant part of your article. But do keep it in mind that- select a cause and effect issue where you can make the transition smooth.

    2. A catchy title

      A catchy title will make your article noticed by the evaluators. If you don’t get any clue about putting up a likable heading, then you can always ask to your mentor for guidance. Going to the library and laying your hands upon few samples of cause-and-effect articles will also give clear concepts. Try to bring at least three title options on the table.

    3. An arresting introduction

      In the introduction part, the intention of the article should be stated vividly. Apart from expressing the objective, the introduction passage must incorporate the background of the topic and putting forth the issues related with it.

    4. Vivid account of the cause

      Here, you need to set the mood so that the reader understands the current scenario related to the cause. Also, the effects must be inferred easily from there. Like if you topic is ‘Facebook has reduced personal communication’; then you need to portray that how today’s busy lives have made Facebook the easiest mode of communication- thus leading to less individual communication effort.

    5. Logical reporting of the effect

      As stated above, the shift from the cause to the effect must be logical one. If you are writing an article linking Facebook and loss of personal communication- then show how these two are deeply inter-linked.

    6. Solid arguments in the body

      The body part will not only put emphasis upon the short-term and long-term effects of the cause but also on recommendations. But be careful that the recommendations should be achievable.

    7. Fitting conclusion

      The conclusion must be the summary of the whole article. You don’t need to introduce new issues here. Just reiterate the old points in a fresh language and keep some scope for future development.


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