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  • What Are Good Synthesis Essay Topics: 10 Fresh Ideas

    A synthesis essay is the written document which provides appropriate examples and case studies related to your thesis and it can be developed in several ways. Developing an essay incorporating common points along with examples creates the same and the structure varies according to the topic you are dealing with. If you are writing an analytical write up based social issue, the synthesis essay should carry recent case studies and reports which substantiate your points.

    Selecting an appropriate Topic for synthesis essay

    Plenty of innovative topics are available if you are planning to construct a synthesis essay. Basically nonfiction topics are best suited for these types of writing. The topics can be derived from various fields of science and technology, education, art, movies, politics, literature and poems, environmental and medical issues.

    Here are some interesting and fresh topics for creating a good synthesis essay:

    1. Global warming: It is one of the common topics where you can collect information related to global warming, its aftereffects on mankind. You can also throw some examples which clearly states the hazards caused by global warming.
    2. Essay on social media impact on youth: social media network is growing drastically as far as present scenario is concerned. Develop a write up, which showcases how it influences our society and mention some examples.
    3. Terrorism: terrorism activities are never-ending at global level. Illustrating this serious issue with recent terrorist attacks makes a good writing.
    4. Childhood malnutrition: Many children are dying every day without getting sufficient nutritious food. Explore this problem with recent statistics and case studies related to the topic.
    5. Deforestation and its after effects: deforestation refers to permanent destruction of forests by cutting down trees and encroachment of the forest land for other uses. You can develop this by mentioning the recent catastrophes and environmental changes that have happed recently due to constant deforestation activities.
    6. Abortion: termination of pregnancy is an illegal activity which is happening all around the world. Gather statistics and examples related to this social issue to develop a writing.
    7. Development of technology in schools: development of computer technology has created a lot of change in the field of education. Most of the schools now prefer online reference and classes to make the school hours interesting.
    8. Movies: examine and elaborate the evolution which has taken place in the field of cinema and the latest technologies applied with examples.
    9. Alcoholism: study about effect of alcoholism in youth
    10. Television: evaluate the evolution of television as a media, its latest innovative programs and latest technologies used.


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