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  • Good Hints That Will Help You Write A Definition Essay About Happiness

    Writing an essay can be a fun experience, especially if you understand the basics of composing one. Depending on your options, you will be able to write about topics that you enjoy a lot and this can make the activity an enjoyable one. Despite its purpose, the general outline for any paper is usually the same and can be transferred across paper types.

    Writing a definition essay can be tricky, especially one on an opinionated topic such as happiness. Don't be intimidated, the topic itself allows for one’s personal opinions to flavor the paper, making this topic an interesting one to work with. The following is a list of ideas and hints that can help you compose a definition essay about happiness:

    1. What makes you happy

      Happiness has a unique meaning for everyone, so the idea of defining what it is can be a bit difficult to grasp. Yet, we all have a perception of what happiness should mean and we can describe that understanding to the rest of the world, as best as we can. This definition of happiness should be enough to satisfy the basic understanding of most people, though one person’s happiness can sometimes mean tragedy for another.

    2. Would those things make you happy if basic needs were removed?

      Depending on a person’s conditions of living, they will regard very different things as necessary for happiness than someone else would. Show how the comfort afforded by lifestyle can change a person’s perception of true happiness.

    3. Is happiness guaranteed?

      We all born and grow with dreams in our hearts, things that we would give anything to acquire. Sadly, most people never acquire their dreams and instead, settle for living a life of mediocrity and safety. What are the chances that the average person will achieve true happiness in their lifetime?

    4. Are there people living without happiness?

      From your perspective, what do you consider the state of happiness for everyone else to be? Do you think the answer would be the same if you asked your friend? Is it possible to truly determine another person’s state of happiness?

    5. What define true happiness

      Now that you have given your personal definition of what happiness is, you should attempt to define what true happiness, for everyone, would be. Do not try too hard to be accurate, instead, try to express what you would consider to be the one common desire of everyone in the world.


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