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  • Buyer Behavior

    The market place is one very dynamic place and the buyer is a very important factor that determines the stability of a market. Well, it is always important to note that a buyer will only buy when he or she is ready to do so and not when the seller needs to close a deal. Therefore, there are some things that define a buyer’s behavior and purchasing tendencies. This has been explained in many ways and it is generally believed to be due to the forces of demand and supply. However, there are other compelling reasons that could still fall under these two broad factors.

    The psychology of marketing and selling

    Buyers think, reason, chose and feel in a certain way while making a choice between alternatives of products, retailers and brands among many other things in the market. Some of the factors that influence buyers are the environments and this could be due to media influence, family, culture and other signs.

    A buyer is likely going to face a lot of challenges if they have no idea and knowledge or lack the abilities of processing information to make them make a decision and arrive at a certain result. The manner in which decisions strategies and consumer motivation vary between products that are different in their level of vitality or appeal determines whether the buyer will purchase the product or not.

    Consumer behavior in the market

    Buyer behavior takes place either for a person or within the confines of a given group of people such as friends who play a very significant part of the kind of products to buy such as clothes. An organization can also affect the choices of buyers and therefore, the buyer will only buy the things preferred by the company.

    Basically, buyer behavior is concerned with the use and sale of products together with the study of the manner in which the said goods are bought. It delves deeper into the use of the product. This determines the way marketers will perceive of its influence in order to know how to position it in the market.

    A lot has been said about buyer behavior but there is communication needed to highlight the fine details of how to track the behavioral patterns to know how to position goods and services in the market. Some buyers would not consider the cost of an item if the quality is good and if it will serve the purpose being desired. Regardless of how cheap a product is, some buyers will not consider it if it does not offer a solution for which it is intended.

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