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  • 16 Interesting Essay Topics For To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

    There is one thing common between Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee; they both wrote a best-seller and never wrote again (although Harper Lee is writing a second book as you read this). These books are actual masterpieces; weaving characters in a seamless manner with the relevant times.

    Insecurities are ubiquitous

    They revel in the insecurities that have ailed people of all periods; thus becoming easily identifiable. They are also written in fluid style; and give enough scope for essay topics. The essays become convenient to conjure because To Kill a Mockingbird is still relevant in today’s context.

    The book’s flow

    It is actually quite a delight to carve essay topics from the texture and flow of the book. It is so rich in detail and so innocent in its bearing that you can never tire from reading To Kill a Mockingbird.

    Here are 16 interesting essay topics on Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird for your assistance –

    1. Assess how Harper Lee brings out the fact that many times appearances are deceptive
    2. Assess the looming prowess of Racism throughout the book
    3. Is it a coincidence that To Kill a Mockingbird and Scarlet letter both take help of narration?
    4. Assess how Harper Lee celebrates the glories of innocence
    5. Assess how the book encapsulates the deviant judgment of the fickle-minded
    6. Write a critique on the character of Boo Radley in an elaborate essay
    7. Is Tom’s character a victim of the times or is the conception still relevant?
    8. Will Harper Lee be able to create magic in the second book she is writing?
    9. Analyze the layers of Bob Ewell’s character in the book
    10. Does the book devise that people who live a pent-up life are generally unpredictable?
    11. Do you feel that the book has somehow taken a middle line in every discipline; residing more in grey than white or black?
    12. Which extracts in the book suggests that the dam is about to burst; the dam of ignorance
    13. Assess the general habitude of whites to still feel ennobled and consider themselves as being on the right side of colonial rule
    14. Why do you feel that the book has been based in 1930s? Write an essay about the period’s relevance?
    15. Why has the writer termed Scout male-like; is it a by-product of the times or her own innovation?
    16. Maycomb, Malgudi, Macondo; all are imaginary places on which famous books are based. Do imaginary places strike the readers more?


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