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  • The Modern Middle Eastern Women

    The modern Middle Eastern women are women that have been empowered socially, politically and economically and are hopingly getting themselves empowered more through various platforms. This is expressed in a manner of revolution from the past where women in the Middle Eastern region were regarded as slaves to certain oppressive ways of life from the manner of dressing, their roles in the society and power that they had in the society. The modern Middle Eastern women have made steps from such suppressions and even if they have not reached their desired points in their fight for their rights they are still fighting for liberation.

    Cultural liberation

    The Middle Eastern is mostly embedded with Islamic values. The misinterpretation of Islamic materials like the Koran has led to suppression of female Muslims even up to date in some parts of the region although emancipation for a liberal woman is still on. There is a misinterpretation about the meaning of the veil which denies female Muslims including girls their rights of participation in social activities like sports in schools which may not be intentional from the victimizers but may be due to their fear of the meanings attached to the veils. The modern Middle Eastern women have going beyond this by demonstrating to the society that their worth more than this and they deserve equal treatment as men.

    Most of the women afflictions and oppressions originate and revolve around the interpretations of the veil the limitations that came thereof. The modern Middle Eastern has beaten the odds to an extent and is still fighting for more that has not yet been achieved like proper representation of the female gender in governments and equal chances in educational and job opportunities. Apart from the suppressive meaning that the veil bears and is progressively being fought against there is the real meaning of the veil as stated in the religious sources where it originates. The right meaning is for modesty for both men and women and not seclusion for any of them and violation of their freedom which the modern women have adapted in the recent times.

    The modern woman emerges

    The modern middle eastern woman has come up strongly to make herself heard and involved in major decision making areas through demonstrations, forming groups and showing that with or without the veils, they have potential that can be tapped and bring positive results for the community. This proves that women have what takes to be respected and be valued.


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