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  • The Haitian Revolution

    This historically important event, known as"The Haitian Revoultion" took place at the end of 18th century. As we can understand from the common name, used for this event, it represent the actions in the former colony, owned by France, which is now famous as the Republik of Haiti. Actually, the country acquired it's modern name and independent status as a result of the mentioned revolutionary process. When the main demand of the protestants was the abolishing of slavery, the revolution went much further and influenced not only this small country itself, but many political processes in America and Europe.

    First of all, the Haitian Revolution is considered the most sucessful attempt of abolishing the slavery, ever taken in the history of nations. Though it lasted for more than a decade (1791-1803), it was ended with the full victory of the rebellians. Started only with a group of African slaves, it further developed in a whole movement, supported by the majority of black and caucasian population and resulted into obtaining the state independence. The revolution became an example for many, how a small group can start big changes.

    On the verge of revolution this French colony, called at that time "Saint-Dominigue", was one of the biggest world producers of coffee and sugar. It was one of the most profitable colonies France ever owned and one of the most profitable colonies among others in Carribean Sea. At that time the number of black African slaves, whose work was used at the plantations, reached more than 450 thousand people. Because of the negative death-to-birth relation and constantly falling population numbers, more and more slaves were brought over from Africa to cover the decrease. Because of the constantly growing number of such slaves there was a increased number of interracial conflicts with the native caucasian population of Saint-Dominigue.

    The situation was about to get worse and worse, when the slaves decided to take their future in their own hands. The year of 1791 is known as the start of civil war and major revolution. By the next year they managed to take almost a one-third of the territory under their control. In the year after that, 1793 as a result of a war conflict before France, England and Spain, protestant troops suddenly received the support of Spanish forces. The war continued till 1804, when Haiti was proclaimed a free republic that does not support or in any kind promote or use slavery.


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