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  • The Benefits of Reading Non Fiction

    Novels are very popular. Some of the world’s richest people have made their fortunes off of the ideas that have popped into their heads and been types out for others to enjoy. There is something appealing about disappearing into fantasy lands even if they resemble the real world. Still, there are other types of literature to be explored in the non fiction section and this essay seeks to make an argument for giving them a try.

    They are informative

    When you read a novel, you may pick up a word or two in a foreign language or gain an unexpected insight into human nature but by and large you are visiting a world of someone else’s creation. By reading non fiction, you gain a much fuller understanding of the world you actually live in. This can help you to make better decisions or even to notice patterns that would otherwise have been invisible to you.

    They can be entertaining

    Many people are drawn to fiction because they think that what can be imagined must be more vivid and interesting than anything that has actually happened. This would be untrue. Many things have happened which are incredible yet completely true. You can read the eye witness testimonies or biographers’ retellings of some of the most amazing things that have actually happened. These will give you more of a sense of how expansive the realm of possibility actually is.

    They can be inspiring

    If you have ever thought that the hero in a novel had overcome many obstacles to eventually achieve victory, you should read more about the lives of actual men and women who have had to live through extreme circumstances and how they managed to beat the odds. This is both humbling and inspiring. We often think that the things we have experienced are so terrible that we cannot ever get past them. Chances are that someone else has done just that and more. They may even have managed to be benevolent to others afterward.

    While non-fiction certainly has its benefits, this is not to say that fiction should be left by the wayside. Our ability to imagine is part of what sets us apart form most other animals. It is only that non fiction should be given more attention. Through it we regain a connection to the recent and distant past.

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