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  • 10 Hints To Help You Complete Your Essay On Stock Market

    Writing an essay on stock market does not require you to be a stock market expert. What is needs is a research-oriented mindset, perseverance and the basic knowledge of stock market and the industry jargons. Here are ten hints for you to get started with the process.

    1. Write about contributing factors in stock market disasters

      You can talk about how political instability and economic meltdowns culminate into stock market crashes and disasters. In your essay, you can discuss about the factors that contribute to the decline of the stock market. In other others, you need to analyse the stock market setback causal factors.

    2. Analyse the behaviour of stock market prices

      Finding a pattern in stock market price fluctuations is both an academic and a business pursuit. Well, if you are good at statistics, you may find a certain behavioural pattern in stock market prices, though that may not be full-proof.

    3. Write on capital market seasonality

      Find out the statistical differences in mean returns in peak and slack seasons in the stock markets. Does there anything of the sort of peak or slack season exist in the first place?

    4. Focus on stock market volatility

      Analyse why stock market volatility keeps changing from time to time. What are the relations between stock volatility and macroeconomic volatility?

    5. Anomaly in stock market behaviour of small and mid-size firms

      Why do small firms tend to get high returns during the first few trading days at the beginning of the Julian calendar year, every year?

    6. What are stock-market-based business acquisitions?

      This is yet another great topic to write on. By choosing this topic, you can easily analyse the business acquisition decisions taken by big companies. This is indeed a great and very interesting topic to write on.

    7. Do twitter trends suggest changes in stock market?

      An excellent topic to write on, twitter trends and their relations with stock markets can answer many unsolved queries.

    8. Does the money market reflect fundamental economic theories?

      You can do justice to this topic by researching deep.

    9. Do investor sentiments play any role in stock market?

      A topic that is very relevant in present day and age, this one is a failsafe one for scoring high.

    10. Relations between the stock market and the property market

      You can also write on this topic to impress your examiners.

    Whichever topic you choose, you need to do vast research and give your topic some love.


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