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  • Teen Subculture

    A larger culture has subcultures which vary according to interests or beliefs. The larger subculture is not likely to perform to excellence. This has called for the formation of teen subcultures within the context of many others. Teen subcultures have significance; in that, they aim at finding solutions to structural dislocations even before the larger subculture can recognize them. The result of the teen subcultures is to establish an achieved identity. Few people have the knowledge of teen subcultures; hence it would be advisable to reflect on how they are formed.

    Teen subcultures are formed when the needs of a particular group of people fail to be met. They strive to compensate the failure of the larger subculture in efforts to provide acceptance, adequate status, and identity.

    Various theories are used to form the teen subcultures. Among the theories is the journey from childhood to adulthood. A lot of time is spent here amid youth and maturity. A second theory is the class struggle. This is expressed through the use of style. The youth make efforts to avoid the patterns of the older generation by finding an identity through their subcultures. Some put on baggy trousers and use drugs and weapons as part of their culture.

    Teen subcultures undergo rebellion in order to be formed. The larger subcultures need teens in order to encompass a stable future for their groups. Secondly, teens are young and can, therefore, perform lots of tasks in the larger subcultures. When teen subcultures are formed, struggles are mandatory in order to exercise their existence through shock tactics. Teen subcultures fight for types of music, dressing mode, and their general appearances. In addition, the ten subcultures are formed to construct new identity which is based on individualism. This helps to get rid of loneliness, alienation, and outcasts.

    The modern era has had numerous teen subcultures because the youth do not want to be part of the larger subcultures. These groups increase depending on the size of the society, the rate of change, and the globalization of the society. In the societies, the youths are positioned differently. There are areas where the voice of the teens is not heard while in others, they form the dominant part of the society. Teen subcultures also increase depending on the general age of the society members. This age has a huge impact on the social, political, and economic aspects of the society. The kind of life that the teens fight for cannot be condoned in diverse societies.


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