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  • What Makes A Good One-Page Persuasive Essay: 5 Essential Tips

    Writing a good persuasive essay is as hard as delivering a good sales pitch. It can be about something which you want or maybe you want the reader to form an opinion or take some decisive action based on your essay.

    It can come in handy if you are asking for some amenities from the administration or arguing for a cause. Writing a good persuasive essay is a skill which can be easily acquired and very much necessary for your day to day activities.

    Here are some tips to get you going:

    1. Do all your research. This is imperative for any kind of paper. Since you are going to write a one page piece you do not need a lot of facts. Instead try to focus on few important facts. You will have to present these facts in support of your views. Arrange these facts in a methodical order and present your points in between. This way the persuasion will not seem forced and you will be able to appeal to the sub-consciousness of the reader.
    2. You will need to really believe in it. If you truly believe in it you will be able to project the though into writing. This will make the essay more convincing. Nothing is more persuasive than an honest appeal. You can even present a counter argument but mention how it is not enough.
    3. Divide your points into paragraphs. This helps the reader to read and form an idea quickly. When an essay is well organized and easy to read it will impress the reader which in turn will make them reconsider your proposition.
    4. Keep flow and continuity in the essay. Even when you make small paragraphs, the transition should be smooth. Try to move towards the next point in the last sentence of a paragraph. Make it sound natural and link the two points through some common factors.
    5. Write a good conclusion. Many readers skim through the entire article to read the concluding paragraph. Summarize all the important points into the paragraph. Write it in such a way that it leaves an impression on the reader. Sometimes this can be more productive than an elaborative petition.

    With the right essay you will be able to persuade the reader into taking the desired action. Even if you are writing simply to change their perception about some practice, it should make a strong appeal.

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