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  • Romanticism In Literature

    Romanticism is a movement that is also referred to as the Romantic period or the Romantic era. It was experienced in the 18th century around the years 1750 to 1870. It had its origin in Latin America and United States. The Romanticism movement got to France in the 1820’s and by this time it had spread to all countries of Europe. The movement affected music and other forms of arts and took over from classical literature that was there before. The movement is believed to have been fueled by many issues. Due to its disagreement and confusion in defining its aesthetics and principles, it is considered as the most different and unique revolution or period. This revolution is highly associated with an era of comparing competing ideas, points, agendas and philosophies. Poetry was the primary vehicle used to air the themes of this period. With time, novel writers started including the Romanticism themes in their works.

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    Individual Consciousness and Imagination

    The Romanticism revolution is seen to have had a major focus on individuals other than society. Its primary aim was to change the individual consciousness of people. This had a significant effect on the way people imagined things. Its believers believed that it would enhance the creative potential positively by influencing the people’s imaginations. However, people saw it differently and it was termed as downgrading the power and importance of reason. It was a definite and deliberate action against the enlightened individualistic mode of thinking. This continued to affect the people until the beginning of the industrial revolution. Writers and poets gained an insight and got a particular interest in the social community. During this time, some change started being evident in the works that were being produced. The story of King Arthur took the center stage. Romantic writings began appreciating a different style of mystical quality. It was however not appreciated by all the writers.

    Characteristics of the Romanticism Literature

    Of all the traits of the Romanticism Literature, the most evident of them all was its emphasis on the natural feelings. Rationality was controlled by naturally valued feelings. Romanticism also had a great love for primitive nature. This was why they appreciated the conservative man and associated the ills in the society as having origin from urbanization. There were a series of revolts and rebellions during the Romanticism era. They aimed at fighting for the human rights. Romanticism intended to free the people from oppression. It was the only way they believed that man could be natural again.


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