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  • Religion In America

    Religion can be defined as a structured array of beliefs, thoughts, value system, rituals, taboos, convictions and culture. Religion offers explanation as regards origin of life and universe. Religion delineates the code of conduct for living a meaningful and satisfying life. Every society has its own set of ethical and moral codes that basically surges from religion. United States is fundamentally a Christian dominated society yet it’s a melting pot that has embraced religions from across the globe. In statistical figures 70.6% of the American population is Christians, with 46.5% Protestants and 20.8% professing Roman Catholic beliefs, as per the study conducted by the Pew Research Center in the year 2014. The study also reported that other religions which include Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism jointly account for about 6% of the population. Religion in United States of America is pretty diverse and varied in conviction and practices. United States of America is a secular state and has no official state endorsed religion. Yet some political parties refer United States as a Christian nation.

    Religious landscape of America is altering with number of non affiliates rising in the country. There is marked shift in religious values of the Americans. The latest survey conducted by Pew research center reported that 23 percent of the Americans inform that they do not identify with any religion and are not affiliated to any religious group. American especially millennial has lost the confidence in organized religion and rejects the affiliation with any religion. American society has observed the plummeting religious affiliation across all demographic groups.

    Although US has majority of Christians but recent years have witnessed a discernible decline in number of people who call themselves so. A considerable rise in number of non affiliates who refer themselves as atheist, agnostic or nothing in particular has shaped the religious scene in America. The shifting religious profiles in America can be attributed to new generation adults who refuse affiliation with any religion and older adults who are shivering ties with organized religion. On contrary the share of people who identify with other religions (not Christianity) has risen.

    America still has majority of Christians and is home to numerous other religions but Americans are losing faith in organized religion and role of religion in their lives is downplayed. Less religion may impact the charitable and social organizations to be more secular and society may embrace more of non- theistic philosophy.


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