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  • Examples Of Great Problem Solving Essay Ideas

    Problems come in various forms and intensities. The most common issue that make can make problem solving difficult is usually approaching it incorrectly. Here are some ideas for problem solving;

    1. State the problem clearly

      Often a problem is hard to solve because of how the question is presented. Asking the right questions in the right format is often a huge assistance along the route of problem solving.

    2. State the cause of the problem

      Often the solution lies in the cause and with a little back tracking, a very simple solution can be found.

    3. Brainstorm

      Make random assumptions at guesses at possible solutions. It may seem none progressive but it is not unusual for an unconsidered course of action to be the right one.

    4. Assess resources

      The available resources can offer important assistance in choosing the direction of the search for possible solutions, as well as reduce time wasted pursuing impossible options.

    5. Identify possible limitations

      The limitations of a situation can be key to determining the possible solutions that can be found. For example, I want to travel on Wednesday but my car wont leave the repair shop until Monday.

    6. Define reasons for solving problems

      A problem is usually no more than a situation that prevents a desired outcome or event. Some problems can prove impossible to solve and avoiding the problem may be the best solution. If one is aware of their desires, methods of skirting the problem and achieving desired goals can be found, without ever tackling the problem directly.

    7. Develop possible solutions

      Some situations may not have a direct or clear cut solutions and the best case scenario may be required. In these situation is helpful to have many options from which to choose. Having many ideas or solutions can go a long way in finding the most suitable solution.

    8. Try each solution

      Testing possible solutions and assessing the effectiveness of a solution is important in deciding on a final choice.

    9. Assess progress

      During the process of problem solving it is common to encounter periods of stagnation. At these time it is helpful to reevaluate the progress and information gathered so far. This can shed new light on possible solutions or methods of approaching the problem.

    10. Explore possible improvements

      After a solution is selected, it is important to now explore possible ways of refining the chosen solution.

    By following these simple steps, you can learn to approach any essay with ease.


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