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  • How To Compose A Good Essay On Health Is Better Than Wealth

    Writing an essay can be a learning experience as you must find information on a topic you may not have considered before. You are also be required to utilize devices or styles that you have never encountered and this can be troublesome. For detailed guidelines, you can use this service to assist you.

    Before you begin writing any essay, there are several points to consider, for instance, what is the point of your essay? Consider the following five points, they should be helpful when constructing an essay on health is better than wealth.

    1. The benefits of health

      While we may all be feeling fine and are in no need of immediate medical attention, the average human being is not at peak physical fitness and this can be observed easily by pitting anyone against a top athlete. Attempt to identify all of the directly related benefits of being healthy and show how they manifest in our lives when we possess them.

    2. The benefits of wealth

      While it may be possible to acquire the best health care, nutrition, exercise facilities and much more because of wealth, many people do not make use of these benefits and instead live their life in some of the most unhealthy fashions. Attempt to identify the possible benefits of this way of life, stating why wealthy people act the way they do and also state why some people are willing to sacrifice their health for the attainment of wealth.

    3. Which leads to a happier life?

      This can be done by simple investigation. Find ways of interviewing or acquiring information on the lives of people from different economic backgrounds. Analyze the data and attempt to assess which persons are, on average, happier with their lives.

    4. Which is more attainable?

      While it may be impossible for some persons to ever become wealthy, it is also equally impossible for some people to lead a healthy lifestyle due to economic constraints in both cases. Analyze the chances that each person has to attain significant progress in either lifestyle and state which route is most practical for the average person to pursue.

    5. Is it possible to balance both?

      Balance is an important part of life and this may be the best option of the two, though I’ll let you decide that for your own paper. Provide examples, if possible, of individuals that have found a balance between physical comfort and physical fitness and show how they managed to do it.


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