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  • Help Me Write My Essay Well: 15 Professional Tips

    1. Always plan your paper, set milestones both long, and short term. This will help you save time and reduce efforts in completing your paper. professional writers have planning sheets and planner applications that they use in order to keep track of various assignments and the progress on each
    2. Collect your data through every source you can get your hands on. Do not worry about the authenticity and validation of this data. You can do this in the data analysis phase for your paper
    3. Make sure to assign your data to relevant places in the outline. This will help you have a plan for your paper and make it easy to create your first draft. The outline of your paper is the basic skeleton of your paper and decides the overall success of your paper
    4. Use bullet points, headings and web diagrams in the pre-writing phase. This is a good way to organize your ideas and analyze the progress on your paper. This can enhance your brainstorming process and help you connect different ideas in your paper
    5. Never jump to writing the final copy at once. You need to create a rough draft of your paper first. Use the outline to expand on ideas and make sure to include everything in your draft
    6. Leave the introduction and conclusion for the end. First, create a draft of the body of the paper, edit this draft and finalize the body of your paper. Each body paragraph will account for one major argument in your paper and must have supporting evidence to prove your stance
    7. When you complete the body of your paper, you will know the overall direction of your essay. Write the introduction and conclusion now to match the body and overall direction of your essay
    8. Never use abbreviations or jargons in your paper without a previous introduction. You might be well aware of this terminology about your subject but the reader would not know what are you talking about
    9. Keep it simple and precise. Do not confuse good writing with complex terminologies and lengthy sentence structures. The more precise, more professional
    10. Never miss the editing and proofreading whether you are in a rush or not. There is always a chance of improvement when you proof read your paper
    11. Read aloud when you finish
    12. Cut out repetitive materials
    13. Never introduce new ideas in your conclusion and end on a clear note
    14. Work in small intervals
    15. Get a neutral opinion


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