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  • 10 Rules For Writing A Good 7th Grade Expository Essay

    If you are in 7th grade you probably did not write any complete expository essay until now. This is your first time, but you have nothing to worry about. It’s a basic essay and you just have to find a nice topic and follow the requirements. These are the basic 10 rules for writing an excellent composition:

    1. Find a really good topic. You might be tempted to write about something funny, maybe one of your passions, but it will be impossible for you to be objective. Since you have to keep your personal opinion aside when it comes to this kind of composition, it’s better to discuss about a topic that is not very close to you.
    2. Make research for at least a few days. Don’t rush and take the first piece of information that you find on the Internet. You have to present various perspectives and to bring evidence to support each one.
    3. Gather some facts and evidence. You can’t just make a statement and expect your colleagues to believe what you say without any proof. You can use quotations, references or just paragraphs from different books.
    4. Write a thesis statement so you can clearly explain what the subject of your composition is. Arrange it in the beginning of the text and make sure that it is not longer than one or two sentences.
    5. Use transitory expressions so you can create a nice flow of words into the text.
    6. Organize your ideas using an outline. You have to create the outline before you start writing. This will allow you to organize your ideas and divide the information in several chapters so everything will seem professional.
    7. Don’t focus on one single perspective. This is not a composition about what you like, but about real facts and ideas. If there is more than one idea related to this issue you will have to write all of them. The reader can form his own opinion after reading your text.
    8. Don’t write unnecessary details. If you like the topic you might be tempted to write more than you should. This is not recommended since this composition needs to be concise.
    9. Make sure that each chapter presents a new idea. It’s pointless to write two or three chapters about the same thing.
    10. Finish with a short conclusion. You just have to summarize what you wrote before.


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