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  • How To Use Transition Words In Writing A Persuasive Essay

    The effective use of transition words is extremely important in all types of academic writing but perhaps not more so than the persuasive essay. A good transition smoothly connects two sentences and paragraphs so the reader doesn’t encounter any sudden breaks or jumps between two ideas. In order to use transition words correctly and effectively one must know the different types and when to apply them. These are few of most common and helpful words as well as some examples showing how to use them:

    Adding Information

    These are great transition words that add information connection two ideas: also, another, first, second, third, in addition, and, furthermore, and moreover.

    Example) He agreed with the where the school was situated in relation to his home.

    Furthermore, he had decided to remain in a town where he already knew have the community.

    Showing Conclusion

    These are great transition words that show conclusion with abruptly breaking the flow of writing: finally, to conclude, in conclusion, and to sum up.

    Example) The animals were returned to their rightful homes with relatively little trauma to show for their ordeal.

    In conclusion, it’s our responsibility as humans to prevent these sorts of cruel acts from happening over again.

    Showing Comparisons

    These are great transition words that show comparisons between two related ideas: as if, by comparison, in comparison, in like a manner, like, and similarly

    Example) The breed has been evolved and been trained to protect their masters.

    Similarly, Chihuahuas are quite territorial and will often bark at outsiders.

    Showing Differences

    These words are excellent transitions for showing differences or contrasting ideas, while not breaking the reader’s concentration: although, however, in spite of, nonetheless, though, but, in contrast, rather than, and unlike.

    Example) The health dangers of eating red meat more than twice a week are staggering and undeniable.

    Nevertheless, there are a number of health activists that claim red meat can have it’s merits if consumed in moderation.

    Showing Causes and Effects

    These last transition words can be used to show causes and effects, linking two ideas and immediately showing the relationship between the two: because, caused by, because of… as a result of, for this, therefore, consequently, and thus.

    Example) I was late to school because of the all the new traffic that had made its way to the main street.

    Consequently, I decided to take a scenic route which has proven to be a both a delight to travel and has saved me time.


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