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  • How To Write A Great Compare And Contrast Essay On Batman Vs. Superman

    Batman and superman are two fictional characters that are a celebrity of sorts to kids. From the animated movies they watch different kids have developed liking for these two characters and formed almost a following or support to one of them. It is not unusual to find kids debating among themselves on who among their idols is the greatest and strongest.

    Therefore these characters form the best subjects to be discussed in a compare and contrast essay. They’ve got what it takes to make an interesting article should they be looked at side by side. Such an essay always encompass clarifying the similarities and differences between two subjects and in the end coming up with details that unearth where they run perpendicularly to each other and where they go parallel.


    Find out what are the similarities between the two characters like their strengths and ingenuity, their ambition and shrewdness, their heroics and connection to helping the least advantaged in the society. You can even build up a narrative showcasing what one of the characters did and give another of what the other did that has the same moral lesson as the previous one.

    Stress how they both possess supernatural powers that help them in tackling out vices and eliminating the villains that pose risks to peaceful human coexistence. Another issue that could make such a comparison popular with kids on either sides of the divide is exemplifying the characters’ love for the kids and how they eliminate any threat that jeopardizes their peace and happiness.

    In showing all these similarities you have to connect them to the topic and what it required and not blindly list them.


    After the similarities, list the differences between the characters, how batman looks like a bat yet superman looks more human, batman flies in this way and superman just hoists himself in the air by lifting up his hand with a firm fist and other notable differences. The differences are obviously well known but mentioning them is still important so that the whole picture is painted as required. Again in showing the similarities, remember to connect them to the topic and tie up the whole issue.


    In this section, you have to sum up all the similarities and differences and ensure that your essay shows whom among the characters; you side with and give reasons. Close it down by asserting your support for whichever character and avoid being sentimental but objective in doing so.


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