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  • Practical Instruction For Writing An Opinion Essay On Freedom Of Speech

    We all are more or less acquainted with varying types of writing. Opinion essays form another category. It stands for a ceremonial piece of writing where the writer can present his/her viewpoint regarding the topic undertaken. Now writing an opinionated piece on the concept of Freedom of Speech is a bit hard because the underlying theme of this concept varies individual to individual. Presenting one’s subjective stance can land a student into a problem. However, one can easily compile a write up on this subject if one follows some practical instructions.

    Before you began writing on the topic, you need to have a clear idea of “Freedom of Speech” as a concept


    • It is guaranteed by the constitutions of all the countries to its civilians
    • This prestigious right gives a person the freedom to speak his/her mind supporting or opposing any incidents. They are free to give their judgment regarding anything. But we shouldn’t personally harm anyone while exercising this right.
    • We cannot insult anyone on the basis of anyone’s caste, creed, race or religion.
    • The French Revolution was the first such episode that brought the necessity to speak freely and openly to the limelight.
    • It has a synonym that in colloquial terminology is called “Political Correctness.”
    • The highest court in any country is responsible to act as a custodian of this right and makes sure that it is not infringed upon in any circumstances.

    Now, since we have got a clear idea of Freedom of Speech, it is now our turn to compiling an essay, an opinion one, on this topic.


    • While we begin, we must remember that any paper comprises of three parts: the introduction, the body, the conclusion.
    • As we start writing, and since it’s an opinion piece, we must state clearly why we are writing it. In another way why is it an important topic to discuss?
    • We can focus on the body part by splitting it into two or three paragraph. In the first paragraph, you can state a few example of how freedom of speech has been restricted in our society. In the short present a few circumstances, but try to avoid putting in real names to avoid any confrontation.
    • Why freedom of speech is imperative to modern society- it should form the core of the body in the second snippet. Relate it to democratic ideals or its function as a watchdog against corruption. Why should people make their voices heard in a representative democracy must be emphasized upon? You should also focus on what is NOT a Freedom of Speech.
    • Why people are scared of implementing freedom of speech must form the nucleus in your third paragraph. Present some examples of how people have been arrested or being framed for presenting their opinion. Point out that, this doesn’t gel with the idea of participatory governance where rulers are elected through a voting system.
    • In the conclusion, you must point out why it is imperative that more and more people should exercise this fundamental right, how this right will keep the society vigil against corruption and debauchery.

    Make sure to maintain the above structure while compiling an opinion essay. Turn pages of books or newspapers, surf the net for happenings related to your topic across the world, or you may even look for freelance help who would do the necessary research on your topic. Make sure to use lucid and legible words. Don’t go for unnecessary jargons. Keep it simple. Nobody will be able to beat you in marks.


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