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  • Basic Rules For Crafting An 8th Grade Argumentative Essay On Recycling

    Many students really enjoy writing argumentative essays, as it enables them to be relatively creative with the writing style that they are using. For example, you can explore your abilities to persuade someone about a particular subject, even if you do not necessarily agree with what you are saying. In fact, sometimes it can be particularly challenging, as well as rewarding, to create a piece of work based on a point of view that you do not necessarily share.

    Therefore, when it comes to writing an argumentative paper for an eighth grade paper on recycling, you do not necessarily have to choose a point of view that you necessarily agree with. Ultimately, the main aim of the work is to try and persuade the reader about something related to the topic of recycling. In order to do this, you should be put forward arguments in a logical manner, backed up with any evidence that you can find from the Internet, or elsewhere.

    Deciding on a relevant topic

    There are many different topics that you can use when it comes to recycling. For example, you may wish to argue that recycling should be compulsory, and that all homes should have a range of different bins, depending upon the products that they are throwing away. Likewise, you may wish to suggest that companies and businesses do more to ensure that any waste that they are throwing away is recycled, where possible.

    In order to think of good topics, you may wish to look at papers that other people have written, as well as any relevant articles in newspapers and other publications, or online.

    Structuring your work effectively

    The precise structure of your essay will very much depend upon any instructions that you have been given relating to how to do the work. For example, if you have been asked to write a five paragraph paper, then the middle three paragraphs will be used as the body section, with each of the three paragraphs outlining a new argument. Alternatively, if you are writing a more in-depth piece of work, then you might need to use more than a single paragraph for each argument the are making.

    Ultimately, you want to start with your strongest arguments, before leading on to any secondary or further arguments. In order to help ensure that your work is logically structured, it is important that you plan the work before you start writing anything.


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