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  • Fun Evaluation Essay Topics – 20 Good Suggestions

    For most students, describing something is an ominous work. However, ask them to evaluate the reason behind someone or something’s existence and they get a spark in their eyes. We humans love to evaluate; love to show people or ideologies its true face in the mirror. Thus, evaluation essays are adoringly lapped up.

    Essay and its creativity

    Fun evaluation essays are of a different breed. It necessitates either a funny topic or a funny take. Needless to say, the essay has to be dabbled with wit and a good amount of it. The writer has to extend the levels of his creativity to enthuse the readers.

    Stick to the topic

    While writing a fun evaluation essay, you should keep in mind that the seriousness of the topic is not compromised, even in good humor. You have to introduce the readers vividly to the topic and your conclusion should hit them right in the heart.

    Here are 20 evaluation essays for your reference –

    1. Evaluate the reasons behind the stereotype – boys play with balls and girls play with dolls
    2. Evaluate why it is necessary not to wake up on the wrong side of the bed
    3. Evaluate why a cat has nine lives when you only live once
    4. Evaluate why certain nude scenes in the movies are considered aesthetic while others are considered vulgar
    5. Evaluate why anorexia is equally disturbing as obesity
    6. Evaluate why too much of money is bad
    7. Evaluate why a guy is singled out if he talks too much while a girl is singled out is she talks too less
    8. Evaluate what may happen if entropy happens (say, time goes back and the next day in our lives is yesterday, not tomorrow)
    9. Evaluate how an extravagant man visualizes money in contrast with how a miser views it
    10. Evaluate why poor students tend to be good in subjects like health education
    11. Evaluate some drastic changes in modern perception ( the saying, “Spare the rod and spoil the child” is now defunct)
    12. Evaluate why children should not be given colored pencil boxes and cardboards
    13. Evaluate the mindset behind straightaway branding a person as an indoor player or an outdoor player
    14. Evaluate the traits of a Casanova
    15. Evaluate why ‘Less is More’ in fashion
    16. Evaluate how Paparazzi haunts celebrities
    17. Evaluate ‘When Harry Met Sally’ as a path-breaking movie
    18. Evaluate why you are expected to strike an instant rapport in an interview when you are also expected to sit ramrod straight
    19. Evaluate what it takes to be a master swindler
    20. Evaluate why the sale of chocolates keeps growing even in the wake of rising fitness consciousness


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