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  • How To Compose A Strong Expository Essay On Friendship In 5 Steps

    Friendship is often a broad topic that is difficult to tackle. Teachers often assign it as an expository essay topic to give students an extra challenge. If you need to get immediate help on composing an expository essay on friendship, you can find it on this site.

    Step One: Limit the Definition

    There are several ways to define friendship. Since expository essays are supposed to inform readers, you should avoid the following material as sources:

    • Lifestyle features in newspapers or magazines
    • Advice relationship articles or websites
    • Inspirational or motivational quotations
    • Relationship books

    Step Two: Finding the Right Sources

    Now that you know the limits, you might be asking: What are the right sources on friendship? You can find the best information with the following:

    • Websites on relationship formation
    • Psychology websites and books
    • Journals in Psychology
    • Websites on Social Work
    • Course materials in social work and psychology

    Step Three: Form the Meat of your Essay

    Creating the body for an article on any general topic can be tricky. Here are some great ways to give your essay “meat”:

    • Tackle the causes of friendships
    • Explain the effects of friendships
    • Quote authors and experts of psychology on friendship
    • Tell what experts say on how to build friendship
    • Tell what experts say on how to maintain friendships
    • Write about simple concrete examples that make the expert/s’ information more accessible to understand

    Step Four: Reread your work

    There are a lot of benefits if you read your work. You will get to simplify words or sentences. You will see if your ideas are clear and coherent. You can find more opportunities to add to your research. You can point out spots where you need to paraphrase or or add good insights to your findings.

    Step Five: Summarize your points

    At the end of the essay, remind readers the definition of friendship or the importance of it. Repeat your findings or conclusions. Make sure readers will feel they have drawn new insights about the topic. See if you have answered all their possible questions.

    An expository essay on friendship is now effortless with this guide. You can even apply these tips with other vast topics such as love, peace, or harmony. You now know what sources you should and shouldn’t consider. You are equipped with ideas for the body and conclusion of your paper. You now have the power to get your paper done with an amazing grade too.

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