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  • Where To Go Looking For Good Examples Of Essay Cover Pages

    It doesn’t matter whether you are currently in high school or in college; all your essays must have a cover page and that needs to be in excellent shape. You may ask why and the reason for that is because the cover page is the first thing that your reader sees and it would give them a first impression of what your paper is like. Obviously, if your cover page were not up to the standard, it could result in getting poor grades and possibly poor response from the reader. If you need help with getting a good cover page, here are a few tips for you, so that you know where to start looking:

    Ask your lecturer

    Your lecturer or teacher should be able to help you on this one. They mark so many different essays every year, so they can tell the difference between the good ones and the bad ones. If you ask them for help, they can surely point you to the right direction. You can even ask them to provide you with a sample and you can just use the sample as a template! However, you should still put some personal elements in your cover page; otherwise you might be accused of plagiarising and that’s not ideal!

    The Internet

    Asking your lecturer is great, but if you wish to be more independent, then you might as well go on the Internet and see what is available there. Trust me, there should be more than enough resources for you to look at and review. The examples of essays cover page shouldn’t be too complex and you will be able to understand it quickly. However, you really have to do a lot of research on the Internet because the sources could be dodgy sometimes! Be critical and you should be fine!


    When it comes to academic writing, the library will always be able to help. I hope you do realise this, but the library consists of so many different essays from current and past students and you can perhaps use their cover pages for your reference. Again, these are simply some examples for you, so it might not be such a great idea for you to just copy it.

    You can, however, just use their style and see what you can learn from them. After all, academic writing is just about learning from others anyway.


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