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  • Writing An Essay On The True Art Of Playing Keyboard Instruments

    When you are asked to write about a skill or ability of which you are proud about, you are essentially being asked to reveal something about yourself. For instance, in an essay about the true art of playing keyboard instruments you are presenting your personal take on the technical ability to be a musician. It can be a little tricky to get this right at first, but this guide should help you to write an excellent paper on this topic:

    1. Start by brainstorming your ideas

      This is very creative kind of writing assignment, so you’re encouraged to spend some time simply brainstorming ideas and developing the things you want to say about the art of playing keyboard instruments. Let your thoughts flow until you have three or four ideas. Then choose the one you feel most comfortable writing about.

    2. Craft a thesis statement and outline

      Take your brainstorming notes and develop a thesis statement to help guide your writing. No matter what topic you settle on you should select your three best supporting ideas and arrange those into an outline. This is an important tool in keeping you on track and preventing you from letting your mind wander off of the topic.

    3. Write the first draft of the essay

      Use your thesis statement and outline to get started with your draft. Compose your first draft as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don’t stop to make corrections to your sentence structures, word choices, grammar, spelling or punctuation. All of this will only serve to slow you down and you will miss out on the natural creativity that comes about when we sit to write. Just keep going and let the words flow.

    4. Revise your content for effectiveness

      Don’t look at your paper for at least a few hours. This allows you to be more critical of your content when you return to it for revision. Don’t be afraid to toss out material; sometimes it just doesn’t fit your intended goal. Also, look for opportunities to move material or add material if it means you will improve on the assignment.

    5. Proofread and edit the final essay

      The last step in writing a great paper on the art of playing keyboard instruments is proofreading and editing the final essay. Don’t take this likely; even the most experienced writers will make plenty of mistakes. If you don’t give yourself time to do each of these exercises with your complete attention you risk receiving a lower grade than you would have with an otherwise great paper.


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