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  • How To Compose An Essay On Why Honesty Is The Best Policy

    One fact that our parents taught us is that honesty is the best policy. They also reminded us that lying can get us into trouble. You definitely know that lying to your boss will land you into trouble. Whether you lie to your parents, siblings or friends, it will only land you into trouble in future. It doesn’t matter the age, whether you are five or fifty years old, you definitely know that speaking the truth is the rights g thing to do. This is despite the fact that there are moments when it may seem like speaking lies is the way out. No matter the situation that you are faced with or how old you are, honesty is without doubt the best policy.

    School plays an important role in the life of a student. A key part of school life is tests. Tests help to measure a child’s knowledge. However, when a kid lies or cheat in test, this will cause difficulties in the specific study subject. The kid will grow with the believe that it is better to cheat than to study. Another problem will arise when a child start lying to the other kids. There are many instances when kids love to tell stories while making them sound more interesting than they actually are. This can cause them to get into trouble not only with other kids but also with their parents. On the other hand, when a child learns to tell the truth, it is possible to avoid getting into trouble.

    Adolescence is also a critical stage in life. This is the time when we try to fit and be comfortable with the way we are. As teenagers try to fit in, they start lying to parents on their actions and movements. This is in a bid to avoid the curfew. Most of us will attest to having lied to our parents but ended up being in trouble. This is something that could otherwise have been avoided if we had spoken the truth. This is also an example of where honesty plays an important role.

    Adults who tell lies also face various challenges at the workplace. When their bosses realize that they told a lie, this makes them appear as dishonest people. This can hinder the growth of their careers and can prevent them from getting the much needed salary increase or even a promotion. Therefore, it is very clear that honesty is the best policy. For help on this topic as well as other topics, try this company.


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