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  • A Brief Introduction to Basic Essay Types: Tips for High School Students 

    Writing assignments are easily the most frequently faced task throughout school, since it’s a good way to lean to structure your thoughts and express them on paper. However, it can be frustrating and infuriating at times, especially when you don’t have enough practice or knowledge of how exactly texts are written and what the requirements are. So, learning the essentials can save you a lot of time and nerve cells. Check the list below to find out about basic essay types and tips on writing them:

    1. Narrative essay.

      Many students think this type of text is a piece of cake, since all you have to do is tell a story about what happened to you at some point in the past. However, it’s not that easy. Having an interesting experience isn’t enough for a great composition; you need to know how to tell your readers about it. So, if you are aiming for high grades, there is one ground rule to writing a narrative text. Make sure to use all human senses. Describe what you see, feel, hear and touch to make your reader experience your story along with you.

    2. Depictive essay.

      This type of text usually pictures an object, event, place or a person. You need to help your reader see the subject that you’re describing as if it were alive and right in front of him or her.

      To compose a perfect descriptive piece of writing you will need to:

      • Use as many details as possible
      • Expose the inner (hidden) meaning of the subject through connecting it with its appearance.
    3. Expository essay.

      This is pretty much a small research paper. You pick a topic to write on, gather data, and present it in a logically structured text. Follow these simple rules to get yourself an A+ composition:

      • Start with the statement of your idea.
      • Proceed to what other people have written about the subject.
      • End with the conclusions, based on your findings.
      • Avoid stating your own opinion, simply give the facts.
    4. Persuasive/Argumentative essay.

      This type of writing assignment can be both very challenging and satisfying at the same time, since you get to defend your own views and opinions in it. To write a great persuasive paper, look at the tips below:

      • Pick something you are passionate about.
      • Make sure there is a lot of evidence to back your opinion.
      • Think through possible opposite views and include arguments against them in your text.


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