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  • Psychodynamic Theory

    This is the theory that seeks to explain our way around personality. Each person is unique and this is caused by personality. In an attempt to define personality, the issues of consciousness and unconscious forces arise. Our patterns of behavior, thoughts, manners and emotions are what define our personality. They are all subject to change with time. In Psychodynamic Theory, there is the Id, the ego and the superego stages. All these phases have a great impact on our lives. Our Id is the urge to satisfy our needs. These are traits we are born with. When young, people do not care about the circumstances surrounding your need. This is the reason as to why children cry to get their needs satisfied. With time, the same children grow and learn a lot of things about the environment. The child now possesses not only the pleasure-seeking id but also some reality. They will thus be keen to balance some facts and circumstances surrounding the situation they are in. As age advances, morals will be learnt. Ethical laws will be instilled in the children by their parents. Now superego develops and despite the needs, the child will have to gauge on the basis of if what they are doing is right or wrong.

    Psychosocial Development

    According to Erik Erikson, this development is vital as it will dictate the kind of life that you will face in the later life when you are old. It is through this development that you get to understand the people and the environment. You understand how these two are related and how they are vital towards having your goals as dictated by your id satisfied. Through this cycle, you learn that you have to trust people and then learn it differently that you do not trust all the people. You learn to develop autonomy and that it may cost you in the future. With age, you get to be optimistic, pessimistic at times and the feel of being productive. All these stages will in the end determine the kind of life you will have.

    The issue of birth order

    These stages of development may at times be affected by the order in which we are born. They greatly influence our thinking and may affected individuals in either way. Birth order may cause superiority or inferiority complex. Firstborns may feel ignored and get an inferiority complex. This will be different for those in the middle as they want to compete with the elder siblings. The last born are given everything and will thus feel insecure and inferior.


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