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  • Alternative Energy

    Fossil fuels are the most used sources of energy in the world today. They, however, have many disadvantages and thus the need for the alternative sources of energy. The main issue associated with fossil fuels is pollution. The emission of carbon dioxide from the use of the fossil fuel is a major concern that led to the inaction of the carbon percentage where countries and organization pay for emission of carbon above a certain percentage. Fossil fuels are not renewable resources and thus tend to be expensive. Alternative energy is aimed at collecting these problems. Reduce the cost and magnitude of pollution. There is a growing demand for energy, and this makes important to find alternative sources that are cheaper and less harmful to the environment.

    Examples of Renewable Alternative Sources of Energy

    Solar, wind and water are the most known and used sources of renewable energy. These forms are renewable in that they occur freely in nature and are not at a risk of getting depleted. The kind of energy harnessed from these sources is clean and does not pose great risks of pollution. The fact that they occur freely in nature makes them less expensive compared to other sources like coal and oil that face a great risk of depletion. However, the installation cost of systems to harness these forms of energy is high. The running cost is, however, low and distributing the startup cost throughout the project's lifetime brings down the cost significantly. Investing in the alternative energy sources will also help generate required energy for the extensively growing demand due to industrialization.

    Advantages of the Alternative Energy

    The obvious advantage is that it helps reduce pollution. Most of the considered sources of alternative energy are clean and have subtle if any emissions to the atmosphere. This will help conserve the environment and keep it green and clean. The other advantage is that it opens up remote areas for development. Some remote areas may not be connected to the national grid. The demand for energy in such zones can only be served through alternative sources of energy. Solar and the wind are the best forms that can be used to provide clean energy in regions that are not served by the national grid. Alternative sources of energy also play a great role in protecting the depletion of the nonrenewable sources of energy like coal and oil. Alternative energy will also help bring down significantly the cost of energy.


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