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  • Writing Tips For Students: Characteristics Of An Illustration Essay

    There are several things to consider if you are tasked with writing an illustration essay during your educational career. This common type of writing assignment forces the student to be very exact and descriptive in the writing and is considered an introductory assignment to help students gain expertise in composing their words to make a point.

    Here are several considerations and characteristics to keep in mind while completing this type of assignment.

    Selecting a topic to write about

    Topic selection is one consideration when you are tasked with this assignment. If you are not given one as part of the assignment you will want to pick a topic that you understand. Consider ideas for topics that you can clearly describe or possibly have personal experiences to draw from that will ensure you can describe it in the manner that will be required.

    Solid introductory statement

    The next characteristic of this type of writing is to develop a solid introductory statement. The introduction is critical in this work and without a solid introduction you writing will not be the best quality. The introductory statement must clearly express the idea that you will develop and may require that you revisit the topic selection if you struggle with this important characteristic.

    Tailor to your audience

    One very important characteristic of an illustration essay is to make sure it is tailored to your audience. Each audience will have a slightly different viewpoint and experiences to draw upon so make sure you understand your reader and tailor your writing to match their needs and experiences.

    Solid body of work with examples

    The next characteristic of this type of writing is to develop a solid body within the topic to allow you to clearly illustrate your point. This section of the writing is where you draw on your experiences, you examples and really develop the points within the illustration. Take time during this portion and be thorough and descriptive.

    Writing an illustrative essay allows the student to begin to develop their writing style and get their point across in a logical and illustrative manner. When you are tasked with this type of writing, remember each one of these characteristics as you develop your work and complete the task. Select a solid topic, have a strong introductory statement, compose a detailed body and keep your audience in mind throughout your writing.


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