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  • Dirty Dancing

    Dirty dancing is a classic American movie which was released in 1987. It was written by Eleanor Bergstein, edited by Emile Ardolino and the lead roles were played by Jerry Orbach and Cynthia Rhodes. It was released on 21st August 1987.

    A Summary

    This is story about a family that decides to spend their vacations at a Catskills Resort. Frances "Baby" Houseman is younger of two sisters; she wants to study economics in under developed countries from Mount Holyoke College. Baby meets a handsome dance instructor named Johnny Castle who works at same resort where baby is staying.

    Johnny is responsible for entertainment activities of the working staff. Baby, while helping Johnny’s cousin, finds out that the staff holds secret parties at their quarters. Baby is astonished to witness the dirty dancing they engage in.

    Later, Baby finds out that Johnny’s dance partner is pregnant with Robbie Gould’s baby who is famous for womanizing. On the other hand, Gould also is cheating on her with Baby’s older sister. Baby asks her father for money for Penny’s abortion which is not a legal process then. Her father does not ask any questions and lends money to Baby.

    Eventually Baby persuades Penny to take the money and get her abortion. Penny suggests that Baby should fill in for her while she is away. After a lot of persuasion from Billy and Penny, Johnny agrees to teach dance to Baby. After some dance sessions Baby becomes better at dancing and naturally they get attracted to each other.

    Billy takes Penny for abortion while Baby performs with Johnny at the Sheldrake Hotel, which is a neighbouring hotel. It turns out that the doctor who performed Penny’s procedure was a fraud and makes Penny’s condition worse. At this point Baby goes to her father for help once again. When Johnny takes responsibility for Penny, Jake, Baby’s father assumes that Johnny is the father of Penny’s baby.

    Although Jake treats Penny, he forbids Baby to have any relation with Johnny and his friends and becomes very angry that Baby paid for Penny’s procedure without telling him. Jake then announces that they will be leaving the resort at breakfast, but Lisa protests and asks her father to stay till the end of the season’s talent show in which she wants to participate.

    Johnny becomes angry with Baby as she did not say anything to protect their relationship. Later, they have their last dance together and after that baby leaves for her home with her family.

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