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  • People Who Changed History

    Most individuals make decisions based on their preferences, experiences, and personal goals. This inward approach to decision making focuses on an individual’s welfare and probably that of family and friends. An individual’s decision and action, whether deliberate or not could have a positive or negative impact on many people. People who change history make critical decisions that go beyond their welfare to include that of societies and communities. Historical records show men and women who used their talents, passions, opportunities, resources and convictions to change the world. Their actions had a significant impact on their generations and subsequent generations.

    Common Traits of People Who Changed History

    Every nation has legends that pioneered changes in their fields or societies. Some history changers’ impact spread to different nations of the world. Some of the internationally recognized legends include Princess Diana, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Muhammad, Jesus Christ, Karl Max, Charles Darwin, Steve Jobs, and William Shakespeare among others. These individuals used their talents, resources, and opportunities to make a difference in other people’s lives.

    A study on these individuals’ lives reveals common characteristics or personal traits that each possessed. They were selfless and courageous. They sacrificed their personal interests and welfare to help their communities live better lives. Most of these individuals had to fight systems to liberate their people. Legends like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Simon Bolivar fought to liberate their nations.

    It is impossible to change history without courage, dedication, and a strong conviction of your cause. The people who changed history believed in their cause and ability to make a difference. Some were dedicated to develop their talents, theories, and ideas to bring change to different fields. They were resilient and made deliberate decisions to challenge the status quo. Humanitarians like Mother Theresa used their wealth and influence to help the less fortunate.

    Not all history changers had a positive impact on people’s lives. Some are remembered for causing suffering and pain on innocent civilians through dictatorial and oppressive government systems. While some leaders used power to improve lives, some used their authority to oppress people. Nevertheless, they changed history as nations began to establish laws that would protect future generations from such government systems.

    Lessons from world changers

    The achievements and impact of people who shaped history encourages us to consider other people’s welfare when making decisions. Self-centered lives have very little impact on societies. The legends demonstrate the need for boldness, commitment, selflessness, and strong belief in a cause. Our decisions and actions can improve many lives if are willing to sacrifice, break barriers, and remain committed to our goals.


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