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  • The History Of Seattle

    The United States of America is home to one of the world’s largest economies. The laws made within its boundaries have ripple effects throughout the entire rest of the world. This is both positive and negative. When its trade policies are generous, the rest of the world benefits and when there are irregularities in its financial systems, a problem like an imploding housing market locally can wipe out the GDP's of nations that are on the other side of the planet. The seat of its government is located in Washington, DC but the very same state also boasts another city of considerable historical importance: Seattle. This essay gives a brief history of that region.

    Prior to Columbus’ Arrival

    For more than 40 centuries before the first large batch of European settlers arrived in North America, the region was occupied by its indigenous people. There were of course several other waves of migration in minuscule numbers. People have been traveling the seas and accidentally or intentionally arriving on new continents for as long as there have been boats and even before then. There had been arrivals from Asia, Africa and Europe to this coastal settlement of peaceful villages.

    The Chief

    In contrast with the previous arrivals, the purposeful voyage of Christopher Columbus brought a different type of human; a settler. These people were determined to acquire land by taking it from the people who exited on it already. This was not immediately obvious to people who had less structured ideas about land ownership. Once the intentions of these settlers became apparent, rebellions or at least defense movements were established. One of the indigenous leaders who attempted to broker some sort of arrangement between his people and the European immigrants was known as chief Seattle. The town and later city was named after him.

    The Modern City

    Several centuries later, Seattle is a hub of industry. It has a thriving aircraft assembly and manufacture system in place and is one of the largest cities in the country. It has also become the setting for many of the most iconic pieces of fiction on television and in cinema over previous decades.

    All towns, cities and even nations have a history worth exploring. Depending on perspective the same individual may be a hero or a traitor, a pragmatist or a coward. History often rewrites itself as it sees most fit.


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