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  • How to Eliminate the Chances of Getting Scammed By An Essay Writing Company?

    The growing tribe of fake essay writing companies

    The internet is full of cheats who are eager to rob you off cash. The industry of academic writing is also not devoid of this threat. More students are going online when it comes to writing their academic essays. To exploit the vulnerability of them, many fake writing companies are mushrooming up. They cost you a fortune without giving the desired result.

    What Precautions to Take Against a Fake Essay Writing Service?

    • Look Deep Into The Social Media Forums
    • For a company, it’s really hard to make a customer angry with bad services and then suppress the whole incident. Even the big players in the market can’t help it so rest assured that any ABC essay writing company’s dark records will be laid bare by the ex-customers online. As a student, you must visit the student forums daily to check upon the reviews.

    • Eliminate To select
    • First, you need to research about essay writing companies and list down their names. Then search about their reviews in student forums. Here, put a cross against the ones with bad reviews. The reasons can vary from not finishing off the assignment within due date to handing out plagiarized articles and so on. Once you have sorted out the ill-reputed ones, you can look for those with no bad reviews or with positive testimonials.

    • Choose the one with a guarantee
    • When you have sorted the apparently trustworthy writing service providers’ names, you must check upon their sites one by one to see which one is offering guarantee. It must be in the form of money-back or refunding. Just bear it in mind that you shout settle with the company with money-back promise- upon failing to meet your expectations.

    • Look for the red flags
    • A scam company does more likely to give away about itself in more than one way. Non-existence of any physical address of its office in the website, no live chat options with the writers or no archive for writes’ biographies, too little information on FAQ page are some of the signs of a fake writing company.

    • Don’t hand over your private information
    • Take it as a danger sign, if the chosen writing service provider asks for your bank account number, social security number, residential address or other such details. You must demand to know at the early stage of what are the methods of payment of that company and then probe it by yourself- whether they sound secured enough or not.


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