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  • Academic Writing Solutions: 5 Tips on How to Find Great Essay Examples

    Modeling is a new technique used by writing teachers. A student is shown examples of correct and incorrect writing samples to use as a guide for what to do and what not to do in their own writing. You can use this modeling technique on your own if your teacher does not do so. You just need to make sure that the samples you use as a guide are correctly written and formatted papers. When you are looking for good samples look at an academic site, look at the samples on professional writing pages, ask your teacher for samples, look at homework hotlines, or use examples from your tutor.

    1. Academic Sites

      Any .edu writing site would be a great place to explore for all types of samples of essays. Most of these sites will have some of an essay, but possibly not all of an essay. You will want to see the introduction, one body paragraph, and the conclusion. It would be a nice bonus if you could also look at good thesis statements.

    2. Professional Writing Pages

      Companies who specialize in essays and writing help will have pieces of papers posted at the website. Again, you will probably not get to see all of the paper. Additionally, they may only post one of each type of essay for you to read. They are in a business, so they will not give away too much to the consumer.

    3. Teacher Samples

      Writing and English teachers usually have folders of the best work their students have given them in the past. Ask your teacher if you can stop after school one day or during your study hall to peruse this folder. You won’t be able to take the folder home with you.

    4. Homework Hotlines

      There are thousands of online homework hotlines. A sampling of written work may be found at this sites. Snoop around on the Internet, as you may be quite surprised at what you see in the form of writing to model.

    5. Tutor Examples

      If you use a tutor for any subject, you should ask them for help in finding written work for you to look at and use. Tutors, like teachers, will probably have a folder with old work in it for you to consider and explore. Ask your tutor the next time you see him or her.

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