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  • Coming Up With Good Topics For A Persuasive Essay For College

    In persuasive essays, we try to convince other people to agree with whatever argument we are putting forth. The best starting point for writing an excellent piece is to choose a fascinating subject to write about. Have a look at these great tips for coming up with good topics for your persuasive essay for college.

    Find a good list of potential topics

    A good way to start looking for a great topic for your persuasive essay is to create a list of potential subjects to choose from. You can search the Internet for lists of subjects, or you can go to a library and find a reputable book about argumentative writing. These often have lists of subjects to choose from. Another way to add to this list is to spend some time brainstorming to come up with a few issues. You can use all these sources to build your own decent list of potential issues to write about.

    Choose a topic that really matters to you

    In order to write a really excellent persuasive essay, you should write about an issue that is actually important to you. It’s not easy to write convincingly about a subject that doesn’t matter to you at all, and your interest (or lack thereof) will show through in your writing. For this reason, you need to read through your list of potential subjects and pinpoint those that really matter to you. These are the issues you should focus on, and you can simply discard the others.

    Research each of your potential topics

    Once you have a short list of potential topics that you care about, you should spend some time researching each topic. Try to find out if you can gather enough information about each issue to write a full essay about it. You can do this research online or at a library.

    Choose a stance that you actually agree with

    As mentioned above, a persuasive essay is designed to make other people agree with your point of view, and it’s really very difficult to try to convince other people to believe something that you don’t believe. So, whichever issue you choose to write about, make sure you choose to argue a stance that you actually agree with.

    With some luck, these tips have helped you to come up with an outstanding topic for your persuasive essay for college.


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