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  • Expository Essay Topics: 20 Questions Worth A Discussion

    Expository essays are an indispensable part of any student’s life and writing such quality write-ups is quite a tiring and tricky job. One of the main criteria for an expository write up is its high-quality content and originality in terms of treatment of the concerned topic. The word Expository usually means explain or explanation. Hence, expository write-up deals with the explanation stacked with proper facts and figures about any concerned topic. This type of write-ups usually tests an essay writer’s in depth knowledge on the concerned topic along with his /her writing and analytical ability. Like other write-ups, an expository one also contains an introduction, well written and explained body and a definite conclusion part. There can a large array of topics when it comes to writing an expository piece. The topics can be based on any topic/subjects pertaining to our lives and the world around us. Good grasp, knowledge and command of the language is one of the prime conditions for writing this type of essay. Another important criteria is the writer’s good hold and an in depth knowledge about the topic of writing. In this article, we will list some questions on the expository write-up topics that are worth discussion.

    20 Expository essay topics and questions worth a discussion:

    • Questions pertaining to the socio-economic, cultural and political challenges and issues faced by the human race in the 21st century.
    • Various aspects and challenges of Green Marketing.
    • Effects and the risk related questions arising in the parent’s mind regarding the high usage of iPhone and other gadgets by the toddlers.
    • Public opinion about the recent U.S. health care policy.
    • Computer Vision Syndrome /CVS.
    • Global threat and effects of terrorism with a short note on ISIL.
    • Eye diseases and remedies.
    • History of America: A fascinating chapter.
    • How can one get rid of mental and physical stress?
    • Teen dating: Is it acceptable? A parent’s outlook and approach.
    • How do you visualize our world 100 years from now?
    • Religious tolerance.
    • Ideal qualities of a leader.
    • The effects violence shown on television on children.
    • Pros and cons of strict parenting.
    • Effect and impact of music on a student’s life.
    • Consequences of drug and alcohol consumption in the school.
    • How to deal and survive a teen pregnancy.
    • Vital tips and advice to land a high paying job.
    • Freelancing: As a convenient and high paying employment option.


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