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  • 10 Suggestions For Writing An Argumentative Essay On Fast Food

    An argumentative or persuasive essay is written on the basis of some controversial issues/topics to inspire people to think wisely. There are 10 suggestions for you to write a qualitative persuasive essay on fast food. If you are a student studying in nutrition, food planning and malnutrition, you will have to submit academic research papers on food. What will be your views about the healthy food plans, fast food quality and other issues regarding the various aspects of fast food?

    First Suggestion

    In a persuasive essay on fast food, an essayist must project two phases of arguments and counter arguments with good suggestion to end the dispute. Generally, in persuasive essays, the writer has to maintain suggestive tone to convince readers by providing few positive aspects, tips and solutions to tackle the controversial issue.

    Second Suggestion

    Well, when you going to write an argumentative essay on fast food, record the arguments and allegations lodged by a group of readers.

    Third Suggestion

    To be frank, use your internet to have comments made by online people about the pros and cons of fast food. Their negative feedbacks must be made visible and carried forward to write the content. For instance, a reader claims that processed food gives an instant solution to busy people who have no ways to prepare food at home. Their argument about the negligence of general people and lack of awareness about the demerits of fast food must be highlighted in your essay.

    Fourth Suggestion

    Apply your own imagination to generate some tips to combat with their assumption. Why do you depend on processed food? How to avoid fast food? What is the best solution for you to discard spicy dishes and eat nutritious food? All these question tags with solutions must be covered in your persuasive essays.

    Fifth Suggestion

    Be logistic with good reasoning power to apply to write argumentative content. Your logic must be appreciable.

    Sixth Suggestion

    Maintain boldness when you retaliate by offering tips to support or against the usage of fast food. Your arguments must be understandable.

    Seventh Suggestion

    Comparison study is helpful to a writer who needs to write a persuasive essay.

    Eighth Suggestion

    Make a draft by specifying points which seem to sound important to you. In this written draft, give reasons of supporting or protesting views of readers regarding the usefulness of fast food.

    Ninth Suggestion

    Your eloquence and sharp intelligence will empower you to invent new ideas to reset the content.

    Tenth Suggestion

    Before writing the argumentative content on fast food, gather research materials based on fast food processing, ingredients used and food cooking procedures.

    Highlight cons of eating fast food. Same way, mention positive sides of choosing fast food. Your content should be well informative to guide readers.


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